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Natural Hair Color

Natural Hair Color

At Bell Arte Hair studio, we strive not to be just another Hair Color Salon, because we don’t believe Professional Hair Color service is just a simple tint application, but a unique opportunity to customize your hair color. For this reason, we promise to deliver the best hair service in Tampa.
We always offer Professional Hair Color to an artistic level, always utilizing new Coloring techniques, as well as a wide range of services such as Single Process, Partial and Full Highlights, Foliage or Bayalage, Ombre’, Color Correction.  We rely on organic hair color systems to provide the best hair color applications.
We know sometimes hair colorist use technical words that are not easily understood so for your convenience, we took our time to help you understand a few common hair services.

Organic and Ammonia Free Professional Hair Color

At Bell’Arte Hair Studio we are proud to provide the choice to use the best organic hair color and ammonia free products on the market for a safer and healthier color service. Organic Hair Color System such as Mastey and Goldwell Nectaya are among the best organic color systems available.
Organic and/or Ammonia Free Hair Color From  $65.00

What is a “Single Process”?

This application allows covers gray hair on new growth matching the existing Hair Color whether it is natural or previously colored.

From $65

What is “Bayalage” Hair Color Highlights or Foliage

Created by the French, Bayalage highlights is the Hair Coloring Technique of painting freehanded streaks onto selected strands of hair. This application wears well on Naturally Weavy hair or Curly hair. The finished effect is a rich shimmering soft tone and perfectly random High Lights.

From $65 and up  

What is Ombre’ Natural Hair Color?

Ombre’ Hair Color is a hair coloring technique where the ends of the hair are gradually highlighted to achieve a blonder tone on the ends. For a bolder statement, the roots are darkened with a more intense brown hair.

From $95 and up

Partial or Full Highlights

At Bell’ Arte we don’t use the harsh “Hair Bleach” (light blue cream) to lift your Hair. We have adopted the most gentle and innovative system to achieve the Perfect Highlites color you desire. So whether you want few soft caramels or honey streaks or a white pale blonde high lights, we can do it without over processing and “stripping” your hair in just one single process.

Partial highlights are achieved when the client desires just a few accent pieces to be lighter than the rest. Full highlights are for more of an all over blond effect.

Partial   From $65

Half head  From $95

Full head    From $95

If you want a naturally beautiful and healthier hair, make an appointment with Bell Arte Hair Studio by calling (813) 713-5481. You can also make a reservation online by clicking the Online Booking button below. It’s quick and easy and you will receive a text reminder prior to your scheduled appointment. Have further questions? Speak with our Live Chat agent and if one isn’t available, simply leave a message and we will get back with you within 24 hours.


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