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Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro Link Hair Extensions

What Are Micro Link Hair Extensions or Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Presently, Micro Link Hair Extensionsalso known as Cold Fusion Hair Extensions are very popular and are presently among the leading types of hair extensions celebrities use. It is applied to your hair using 1-centimeter strands of hair that are locked into place using links, beads or locks at the end of the strands. A piece of your natural hair is then inserted through these links, beads or locks and then using a special tool, the hair extension specialist will clamp them to your hair.

What Type of Hair Is Used For Micro Link Hair Extensions

By far, Remy hair extensions are one of the best types of hair extensions on the market today and Bell Atr Hair Studio is rated the Best Salon For Hair Extensions in Tampa. Remy hair extensions is not really a particular type of hair, rather a method used to manufacture the hair extensions. What makes Remy hair extensions unique is that all the individual hair strands run in the same direction. This prevents any tangling or matting of the hair, creating a natural and healthy-looking hair, making it much easier to maintain. Needless to say, we prefer using Remy hair extensions because we strive for the highest quality and the most beautiful hair extensions to insert into our client’s hair.

How Long Does The Installation Process Take?

It is difficult to say without examining your hair because we must know exactly how many hair strands that you’ll need. On average, it can take 2 to 8 hours but again, this is something that we will inform you of during your hair extension consultation.

You May Be Asking, “will getting hair extensions ruin or damage my hair?”

There are no chemicals applied whatsoever so micro links are the least damaging hair extensions on the market.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

On average, Cold Fusion Hair Extensions can last up to 6 months. However, they must be retightening approximately every 4 weeks depending on your hair type and how rapidly your hair grows. Our hair extensions experts will explain this in detail during your free consultation.


  • If maintained correctly, micro ring hair extensions can last up to six months.
  • They require no chemicals or heat so will not damage your hair.
  • These type of hair extensions are reusable
  • This method gives your hair the most natural look and is very difficult to distinguish if you even have hair extensions.


  • This type of hair extensions method requires much practice and it is very difficult to find a hair extension specialist that is experienced in micro link hair extensions.
  • Sometimes, these beads or locks can be visible in the rear of your head while lifting your hair, occurring more commonly with very thin hair.
  • Clients can sometimes experience pulling and a mild headache for several days after the procedure. A headache and the pulling will normally stop after the hair extensions loosen up a little so if it doesn’t, you should be calling your hair extension specialist.
  • Though an experienced hair extension specialist can complete the entire process within two hours, it can take up 8 hours depending on the type of hair you have and the number of strands that are inserted.

We hope this answers many of your questions regarding Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, better known as Micro Link Hair Extensions, please call us email us or chat with us on live chat if you have any further questions. We really appreciate your interest in Bell’ Arte Hair Studio we hope to hear from you soon.



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